4 Brilliant Ways to Get Returning Customers Online

Once you’ve built up a flow of traffic, repeat customers are the key to making your business flourish amongst its competitors. You may have created a stunning and memorable website that offers an excellent customer experience, but a strong strategy for customer retention will help push your products and encourage customers to keep coming back.

Of course, whether or not you focus more on customer acquisition or retention will all depend on what you have to offer. If you sell luxury furniture, then you will more likely need to focus on increasing traffic. However, if you offer products that customers frequently purchase such as food or fashion, then repeat customers have the potential to make a large part of your profit margin.

Regardless of what you sell, all businesses will need to make some sort of effort to push their sales and encourage customers to return, and here are some of the best ways to do that.

Customer Accounts

Try offering your customers the opportunity to create an account with you. Not only will this allow them to save their details and make future purchases quicker, but this is also a great opportunity to have them sign up to your mailing list.

Some first-time customers will prefer to check out as a guest. However, once they have received their order and completed their customer journey with you, try sending them an invite to sign up. If they are pleased with the service they received, then they may be more willing to create an account.

Show Support

A follow-up email can also show excellent customer support, which is another key feature to pulling in repeat custom. Clear communication before, during and after a sale can help build trust, and once you have established that trust, customers will know they can rely on your business.

Not every customer will be satisfied every time, but showing your support and helping to resolve the issue in a speedy manner can still turn them into a loyal customer. Try using live chat tools or automated responses to let them know you’ll be in touch soon. This way, even if your customers encounter an issue, they will know that they can trust you to resolve it and will be willing to return.

Marketing Automations

Regardless of the size of your business, contacting every potential or existing customer is a time-consuming task to undertake. But with automations, you can push yourself into your customer’s inboxes with very little effort, leaving you to focus on the other areas of your business.

You may want to let new customers know more about what you can offer, or you may want to send out reminders when shoppers have abandoned their cart. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with previous customers and letting them know about your latest products or promotions. You can also follow up on previous purchases and experiences, and send emails featuring related items or asking for feedback.

Automations require minimal effort, but still adds a personal touch that lets your customers know you truly appreciate their support. It also informs customers of the great quality products and customer service that you offer, and you never know, you may be in with a chance of sending that email right when they need your services the most.

Say Thank You

The above tools are wonderful for responding to customers with speed and efficiency. But putting the time and effort in to show your gratitude will really make your business stand out and show customers you care.

One easy way to do this is through loyalty programs, which benefit both your business and your best customers. By offering them a reward for remaining loyal to your business, you can encourage them to continue investing in your products. The reward could be free goodies or 10% off their next purchase, and it could come after their 10th purchase or after they have spent a certain amount at your store.

You could also get personal and try sending them a handwritten thank you note, a birthday discount or maybe even a Christmas card. There are loads of ways you can make your customers feel appreciated, and these simple, human interactions can make a big difference in turning a one-time customer into a lifelong, loyal one.

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