Brand identity goes much deeper than a pretty logo with a catchy tagline. It’s all about creating a strong impression throughout the entire customer journey, delivering a consistent and reliable image that customers can trust. Developing an authentic brand identity that resonates with your audience will not only make you instantly recognisable, but also have a significant impact on developing customer loyalty.

But how do you do it? Before we start your brand journey, there are 7 questions we will always ask our clients. …

With eCommerce on the rise, the online marketplace has become more competitive than ever before. In 2019, internet sales accounted for 19% of total retail sales, and in 2020, this lept to 27%.

This growth is expected to continue, and if you’re looking to keep your business in the competition, then your website needs to be as user-friendly as possible. To help get you started, here are some of the most essential features that can help optimise your eCommerce site.

1. Fast Checkout

Cart abandonment is one of the main challenges for online businesses, causing an estimated £18bn loss in…

Next month, you might start to notice some changes in page rankings. This is because Google are rolling out their latest update, adding page experience to their ranking algorithm. This means that from May 2021, user experience will have more influence on your ranking than ever before.

Evolving the web

The idea behind this new update is to improve the overall quality of websites, making sure that high-ranking websites are also delivering great experiences that users love.

“The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes…

The past year has been a wild one for the world of eCommerce. Between lockdowns and social distancing throughout 2020, online sales have rocketed, resulting in ten years’ worth of growth in the space of just three months.

While eCommerce sales accounted for just 19.1% of total retail sales in February 2020, this percentage jumped to 32.9% in May, rising again to 34.5% in February 2021. More people are now turning to online stores for everything from fashion and DIY to their weekly food shops, and it looks like these new consumer habits are here to stay.

Heated competition


A website is the very heart and soul of your online business. It’s the one place where you can really show off your brand and engage with consumers. But what makes a website successful? It’s all about flawless usability and quality content, with great visual appeal.

If you’re looking to make 2021 a year for the books, then these statistics can show you how to make the most of your website.

The Importance of Visuals

1. First impressions are 94% design related

It takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website, meaning it only takes one glance for…

When it comes to marketing strategies, there are two main routes your brand can go down — push or pull. Both strategies have their benefits, and when deciding which one to use, it’s important to consider the stage your business is at.

Push marketing

Push marketing is where you take your brand directly to your target audience. You push your products and services in front of them, with full control over the timings, frequency and content of your communication.

Since customers aren’t actively looking for your products and services, this is thought of as an intrusive strategy. …

What is growth marketing?

Marketing strategies typically have four steps, often portrayed as a funnel. First, you generate leads by building brand awareness and drumming up interest. You then drive traffic through the funnel by creating a desire to choose your products, until eventually they take action and are converted into paying customers.

Growth marketing adds a fifth step to this funnel — advocacy. Once customers reach the bottom, the idea is to keep them engaged, nurturing your existing client base. This is an easier and more cost-effective solution to increasing sales than focusing solely on attracting new clients. …

With everything that has happened in 2020, it’s time to look ahead and think about future-proofing our businesses. While we can’t predict what future challenges we might face, we can create sustainable and resilient business models designed to overcome the disruption when the unexpected happens again.

What does a ‘future-ready’ business look like?

Looking at the impact of COVID-19, a recent report found that ‘future-ready’ businesses had these six characteristics in common, which can all be linked to technology and an adaptable mindset:

  1. Have a positive attitude to change
  2. Are open to new technology
  3. Actively plan for their technological futures

Here at The Curious Agency, we like to think that we know a thing or two about building a website, and an awesome one at that. We’ve pulled together insight and expertise from some of the best in our business to break down what actually goes into our web-build process. For episode 3, it’s all about UX design.

Design concepts approved, wireframes soundly tested, website launched, we move onto an exciting part of the web build process — UX design. From here on in, it’s all about shaping a user’s emotions and attitudes towards our website.

Design Prototyping

Although undertaken…

The fast-approaching holiday season is often a key time of year for small businesses and multi-national retailers alike. High profile shopping events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales often drive peak levels of traffic, both in-store and online. In the midst of a global pandemic however, the landscape for many local businesses has changed.

The recent announcement of a nationwide lockdown has removed any possibility of high street footfall over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. …

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