Episode 3 — How To Build An Awesome Website

Here at The Curious Agency, we like to think that we know a thing or two about building a website, and an awesome one at that. We’ve pulled together insight and expertise from some of the best in our business to break down what actually goes into our web-build process. For episode 3, it’s all about UX design.

Design concepts approved, wireframes soundly tested, website launched, we move onto an exciting part of the web build process — UX design. From here on in, it’s all about shaping a user’s emotions and attitudes towards our website.

Design Prototyping

Although undertaken following the wireframe stage, we run another round of prototyping following design implementation so that any usability issues are resolved ahead of moving into wider UX design practises, and more importantly development.

User Testing

How you expect users to interact with a website and how they actually do can sometimes be worlds apart. Are the most important actions on your website easy to identify, and undertake? Can processes be simplified to reduce the time spent undertaking valuable actions, increasing the likelihood of the valuable action being completed?

We approach user testing in two phases — internal and external. Internal testing, i.e. people within the organisation, allows us to capture and resolve any high profile issues, meaning that we can focus in greater detail on the nuances of multiple user journeys as we move to an external testing base, i.e. people outside of the organisation.

Live Site Testing

We’ve prototyped the design, and optimised all possible user journeys. But how does the website perform from a technical perspective, and does it answer the original brief? Live site testing is all about ensuring that the website has been developed in line with feedback from the user testing phase, and that it is free from bugs, poor performance (e.g. slow page load speed) and errors.

Rinse and Repeat

So the site’s gone live, we’re optimised and in-shape for good website performance…that’s it? Nope. We run through this process multiple times throughout the lifecycle of managing a website. Constantly evolving technologies and changes to user purchase habits means that this is an ongoing process. It’s important that we continuously evolve the website inline with this level of change. We leverage the help of other channels here, such as SEO, CRO and Social Advertising, to help our efforts.

After all, a successful website is about the combined efforts of multiple activities, as opposed to the reliance of just one.

…what next?

Episode 4 and website development up next, where we’ll go back a step back and talk about the all-important build of the website. Strap in, it’s going to be a thriller…You can catch up on Episode 2, here.