Savvy Shoppers Are Rewriting Black Friday Rulebook

The fast-approaching holiday season is often a key time of year for small businesses and multi-national retailers alike. High profile shopping events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales often drive peak levels of traffic, both in-store and online. In the midst of a global pandemic however, the landscape for many local businesses has changed.

The recent announcement of a nationwide lockdown has removed any possibility of high street footfall over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. Emphasis towards online performance has never been more critical, and for many retailers could result in make-or-break, inside or outside of a major sale event.

A high functioning and well-optimised website will maximise the number of conversions which take place, and correctly executed, will create web experiences that last long in the minds of your website visitors. Users should benefit from the strength of the website, as opposed to the website benefiting from the key shopping event which provides an increase in users.

When approached in this manner, the decision to partake in Black Friday and other key shopping events becomes optional, as opposed to a necessity. The benefits of a high performing website are felt all year round, and with no end to the pandemic yet in sight, this may be a priority which takes centre stage in your business.

So the question is not just how are you set up for the holiday season — it’s how are you and your website set up for business within a global pandemic?

The high street may never be the same again

Undoubtedly the biggest casualty of the pandemic to date has been that of the high street. Already on a decline as users became savvier with their online shopping habits, the high street may never fully recover from the decrease in brick and mortar sales.

But, all is not necessarily lost. Support for local businesses is on the rise, as people look to support their local economy, save jobs, help the environment and seek better shopping experiences. Having a physical and virtual presence allows you to cater to local attitudes and desires, as well catering towards the shopping habits of your consumers.

Whilst physical store visits are limited in the current climate, consider updating your Google My Business NAP data — that’s name, address and phone number. 64% of consumers use Google to find business contact details.

Push your locals search visibility further by adding photos to your account. According to Google, businesses that have photos on their Google My Business profile receive 35% more clicks to their websites.

All is not lost

However you decide to approach this holiday season, always prioritise the quality of your website first. Sale events are great short term boosts, but with a poor performing website, that’s all they’ll ever be. Setting up your online store for best practice using tools such as Google My Business will help you see continued growth beyond the holiday season, as users build a relationship with your brand through a positive online experience.

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